Language & The Secret Sauce

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Drew Hall


Natural language process (NLP) is an attempt of machines to understand the natural languages found in text. The use of finding text, splitting up the sentences and checking the words for misspellings and counting is the basic use of what NLP is used for today. However, when it comes to context and understanding the information NLP has taken a long stretch of innovation to gain semi comprehension. This is where understanding the human aspect of natural language has been at a standstill when it comes to relating complete comprehension to context.

NLP started out with a general use of keyword searchers similar to the function ctrl f used in documents. The simplicity of the system acted like a matching game without any context to follow the process, and was dependent on the user's knowledge. This forced the operator into the cognitive task of figuring out exactly what they're searching for down to the specific word. The use of a lexical affinity tool advanced the keyword search perspective by allowing a breadth of context recognition. However, the system was flawed because of duel meaning words that play into the context of sentences. Such as "I need to find the key on the map" "And where is the key to my car?". As you can see the key is used twice, but their context has a different meaning. This creates a higher potential for errors to appear and deface analytical review and replication. The time periods of NLP as noted here is how the evolution of compositional machine learning was and is taking place to understand the human aspects of language better.

Endogenous NLP wrapped itself into the old lexical affinity and branched itself towards understanding individual words and then the context of sentences and paragraphs. However, without the idiosyncratic layout for users, the generalization of the process is not entirely committed to the understanding of language. The noetic NLP approach (a portion of the Secret Sauce) has such a systematic algorithm of recognition that plays into individual context and understanding further with an individual and a group understanding of language as a whole. This was the beginning of the individualized nature of our software MaxSearch that is unlike any other platform based on its ability to predict 97% accuracy and deliver individual and generalizable data upon request. The power has shifted from the days of ctrl f and time-consuming for cleaning and coding data to minimizing the process and maximizing the output based on the help and dedication of MaxSearch.

Having the ability to push through the lengthy processes of data wrangling and preprocessing the information is 80% of the data/research scientist work. Creating an intranet on your Windows or Linux PC or Laptop with a MaxSearch engine is taking a Google concept and putting the power into the hands of the user for the creation of content and context. The notion that learning new material faster, analyzing faster and taking leaps of understanding from the user's world is now possible because of MaxSearch. The evolution of NLP has been placed into the hands of YOU and what you decide to do with the software will be the next evolution of yourself and machine learning. The new era of the inner-web is here! You are the web, you are the net. Enjoy the power!