You Have Been Denied of the Technology You Should Have Had All This Time

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Kal Leblanc Fultz


What I am about to tell you will make you laugh, cry, get upset, or maybe just go "sigh". Up until now using technology like the OS Windows or Linux and Office Productivity Apps like Office and Libre only gives you partial access to your data.

What happens when you want to search all your documents in a folder all at the same time for a key piece of information, only to spend frustrating minutes and sometimes hours or never finding the words you know are in there some where? Why has it been this way for so long? When will this pain and frustration end? Why hasn't Microsoft, or Apple done something about it?

So we did, starting September 1st, this year, you will be able to load an app called MaxSearch on your work PC or laptop and simply click a file or folder of dozens of files and simple search them for whatever you want. Then you can save the searched results with links to the original hits for a report, homework, proof, legal studies, or for a reference and record. Fast, secure, simple and about 25 years over due. You will finally be the master of your data and content domain. Try it for free.

We will be releasing the URL by the end of the month. Feel free to comment with me here on or Thank you and stay connected!